ANSYS and Green Hills Software Together at CES 2018

Safety first — especially when it comes to engineering control systems for autonomous vehicles. These systems must meet the same high-level safety standards long-mandated for aerospace and defense technologies. In addition, the operating systems that run the certified programs must also be safe — from hackers.

Together, ANSYS and Green Hills Software have developed a comprehensive solution for driverless cars that rises to the level of ISO 26262 (ASIL D) certification and is invulnerable to hacker attacks.

Engineers used ANSYS SCADE to not only design and develop software with machine learning algorithms in a simulation-based environment, but also generate safety-certified code for export to Green Hill’s real-time operating system, the INTEGRITY RTOS. Through vigorous testing, engineers were able to show that the embedded software performed in the real world exactly as it had performed in the digital world.

Unfortunately, all the sophisticated design work and innovative artificial intelligence (AI) functionality is buried “under the hood” so to speak. Watching a car cruise down a city street, stop at a red light or parallel park in barely big enough space belies the intricate engineering that makes these maneuvers possible and safe.

Wishing to share the inner-workings of their jointly developed system, ANSYS and Green Hills are presenting a live demonstration at the CES show in Las Vegas this week.

Visitors will see how the many design variables, including environment, pedestrian population and sensors are modeled and optimized, and how safety-certified code is automatically generated. (Manual certification of handwritten code, on the other hand, is extremely laborious and can delay a product’s introduction by several months.) Watching a car maneuver through a virtual world, viewers will also get a feel for the copious amount of data transmitted by the vehicle’s numerous sensors, which must be processed, interpreted and actioned in a fraction of a second.

CES 2018ANSYS experts will be on hand in the Green Hills Software Booth 3110 to answer any questions about transitioning your control system software from a simulation environment to the real world, or to offer more details about the ANSYS SCADE ISO 26262-certified model-based design solutions for developing safety-critical embedded software.

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